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Additional Services

In addition to our core services, Red Hot Design offer a range of other opportunities to bring your brand to life.


Transfer or heat transfer printing involves the use of a heat transfer compatible paper. Unlike sublimation printing, heat transfer printing can be done using a regular inkjet or laser printer. Heat transfer prints can be used on polyester or cotton shirts and offer a beautiful, durable end result garment.


Sublimation printing involves the use of ink that turns into a gas when it’s heated up. This process helps the ink bond with the fabric allowing us to colour your t-shirt or garment with multiple colours.


Sublimation prints should be transferred onto polyester t-shirts.


Relabelling is the process in which our team can remove a label from garments or piece of clothing or apparel and put a different label on it.


Relabelling is used by apparel printers catering to businesses who are looking for a branded item for their customers. It is used by medium-sized and small-sized business most commonly. While there are limits to our relabelling service, most of the time we are able to get your garment customized for your brand with labels, sizing etc.


Our team are able to provide a variety of other branded products including socks, water bottles, mugs, stickers, stubby holders and much more. If you have some additional requirements beyond tee-shirt printing, ask one of our team.

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Our art department and production team have extensive experience and handle complex technical constraints to ensure a smooth and authentic experience.

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