Does Red Hot supply t-shirts?

We’re a one stop print and supply shop. For a wide range of garment choices, get in touch with the team at info@redhotdesign.com.au

How do I get a quote?

Use our online quote form. Our quote form asks all the questions that we need to give you a quote, and allows you to attach your artwork so we can be accurate with our pricing. Otherwise you can email us at info@redhotdesign.com.au and we will get back to you promptly.

What does print quality artwork mean?

The best way to check if your art is print quality for us is to print it out at the size you want it on the shirt. If it looks good on paper it should be good for us. For those who know graphics then vector (.eps) files are best. If you have a photo from a digital camera then generally look for an image around 1MB or bigger. We can work with a lot of images but there may be an art charge to make the file work.

How do I supply my artwork?

You can attach the file using our quote form and send it in that way. If you come to Red Hot, bring your art on a USB drive. We really don’t like Word or Powerpoint files as they’re not graphic friendly. If you supply us with art or photos on paper there will be a scanning fee.

Still got questions? We’re happy to help. Send us a message or give us a call (08) 9319 3333 for a chat with our friendly team.